The under-bust corset: a game changer in the bedroom

If you want to buy sexy lingerie, there are so many pluses to the slutty and sensual under bust corset. The unique form of the corset style is something that will have your partners mouth watering when they see you strip down to this form fitting attire, your one piece lingerie. There is much to be said for this piece of exotic lingerie and there are a few things to note when looking for one of your own. It is not a piece for everyone, but most figures will be able to get the blood pumping from the look of the sensual lingerie.

In recent years this style of corset has grown exponentially in popularity, but is this fashion accessory the right piece of lingerie to add to your collection? The under-bust corset has more uses than one. Not only is it a sexy little addition to your bedroom collection, but it can also be used as a waits shaper for those of us who have not been blessed with an hourglass figure.

The majority of us have not got that hourglass figure that is so sought after by the bulk of women, and men, out there. You will often find that you are more likely to naturally be an apple, pear or boyish shape. The under-bust corset is just as it sounds, it is a corset which will be placed under the breasts in order to concentrate on the waist. It does not provide any coverage whatsoever for the breasts, so you can always spice it up with a bra, pasties or even some sort of clothing.

There are a few things to consider, although choosing between an under-bust and over-bust corset for most women is a matter of preference, when picking between the two. For busty ladies who are looking to show off the girls then the under-bust corset is a no-brainer! Having a smaller waist, thanks to the corset, will certainly give the illusion of bigger breasts, no matter your cup size. For ladies with a size DD cup size or more then a steel boned corset is a good choice for some added support. All can be found in our lingerie Ottowa store for  erotic lingerie Canada.

On the other hand, if you are trying to tone down your ample bosom then perhaps the under-bust corset is not the best way to go. The over-bust corset can be sleek and slimming for your figure in contrast. If you ave a boyish figure or a flatter chest than you would like the under-bust corset can give you those feminine curves you have always wanted! It will accentuate your hips and breasts while slimming down your waist significantly.

For some real fun in the bedroom, the under-bust corset pairs well with a pair of pasties to leave some things to the imagination at the same time as showing off to your partner. It is important the you choose the right corset for you so that you feel attractive and sexy, as this will rub off on your partner and have them feeling your confidence! Try it out and see the difference the addition of a specialised bodysuit lingerie can have on your sex life

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