The Deal with Luxury Lingerie.        

So, we all heard it before; you get what you pay for. This is the most common mantra known to man in the capitalist world. The premise of this theory is based on the idea that the more it cost the more likely an item’s value is high. In other words, if you get something cheap don’t expect the best quality.

However, there is also the mantra of; all that glitters isn’t gold. This essentially means just because its shiny or pricy doesn’t mean the value will match the glow. In other words, just because its expensive doesn’t mean you will get the best quality.

Well, what is the truth? Are things really better when they are expensive, or is that just a load of bull? This question comes up more often than you would think when shopping for lingerie in Ottawa. The truth is, it can be a little of both. While things that are extremely cheap tend to not have the greatest value, it is also important to note that not everything that is exorbitant in price does so as well.

Which brings us to luxury erotic lingerie in Canada. As an item long associated with glamour and luxury, it is no surprise that lingerie would be a high example on this list. While most people buy lingerie in Canada that cost in the range of $45 to $150, especially when considering larger sizes that may not have as many brands catering to them. There are companies that have prices that start at $115 and extend to prices in the four to five digits, more commonly seen by celebrities.

The fact is, whether you buy lingerie online In Canada or in stores, like all clothing items there will be shops that cater to more extensive wallet sizes. Does that mean the values are better? Well, in most cases, yes. This has to do with the process involved in creating the lingerie and the exclusivity of the item. For instance, French lace will cost more than some other types of lace, real leather versus faux leather, suede versus faux suede, the people involved in making it may also be considered experts in their field. Is it machine or finger-sewn. All these factors may increase the price of production and in turn product price.

So, Yes. Luxury lingerie may indeed hold better value and is sometimes worth the splurge, but it is certainly not a requirement for all.

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