Princess and Knight in Shining Armor Role Play

When we are young, we dream of being a princess who falls into a situation where she needs to be saved by a knight in shining armor. This dream never really dies as we all love a brave man who will come to our rescue without question…even if it’s just to argue with a waiter over a meal that’s undercooked!

But what woman really love is a knight in shining armor who will not only rescue them from evil but then ravish them in the bedroom. If this is one of your fantasies, here’s how you can convert it into the roleplay scenarios that will give your sex life a lift.

To really get into character, start by playing the part. You can wear extravagant lingerie accompanied by a crown or any other accessories you feel will make your look like a princess.

Encourage your knight to get into it as well. Though a full armor suit may be a bit extreme, he can certainly wear a cape or a crown to make him seem princely.

Next, get into a scenario where you need to be rescued. Maybe you have just eaten a poisonous apple or pricked your finger with a deadly needle. The knight can pick you up from a dead faint and work on reviving you. Once he does, it will be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

The princess and knight in shining armor is just one of the sexy role play ideas you can live out in the bedroom. Which will you be trying with your lover tonight?

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